Add Funds to your Bet America Account

Use a MoneyPak

to add funds to your Bet America Account.

  • Funds are instantly available for you to use
  • Not linked to a credit card or bank account
  • Avoid cash advance fees and finance charges

How to Add Funds with MoneyPak

Go to a Green Dot retail location near you. Click here to find the nearest locations.

Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Section or Green Dot display and purchase it for the amount of your payment. A $4.95 service fee will be added to your total.

Log into your account at and follow the instructions for the MoneyPak, or call
1 (866) 607-7929. You will need the MoneyPak Number found on the back of the MoneyPak.

MoneyPak is available at these stores nationwide: CVS Family Dollar Kroger Aid 7 Walgreens